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“No honey, don’t put it in me. Just crawl up between my legs and stroke it while I tell all the things he did to your wife. Baby his huge cock made me cum like crazy all night. After an hour I told him to take off the condom so I could suck it again and then later, I pushed it down and into my pussy bare naked. It was so exciting knowing he was inside me without protection. I felt every throb of his shaft and pulse of his vein. He stretched me wide and filled me up and after I couldn’t take cumming anymore, I asked him to fill me with his cum, and you know what Honey? He did. His cum floods my pussy right now. But I only want his inside me tonight Baby, so why don’t you empty your cock on my tummy? Good boy.”

My son is one lucky mother fucker.

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    My son is one lucky mother fucker.
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    Here a was to get a baby.
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