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(By Request - Submitted By mommyinabathrobe)

(I had a nice conversation with a new member to the tumblr-incest community. She submitted this picture to me, so I wrote this to welcome her to our perverted corner of the internet. Everyone who’s dreamed of a hot mother who teases her sons relentlessly should go give her a look.

I was peeking from the hallway, holding my thin black robe closed. The light in the living room was low, but the glow off his laptop on the coffee table was enough to show me all I needed to see. I could hear the noises coming from the computer, and I recognized them as the familiar sounds of pornography. I looked at my son. He was naked from the waist down, only wearing a t-shirt. His hand was wrapped around his cock, stroking up and down in a blur. I was breathless as I watch him stroke himself. My mouth watered as I looked at his penis. It was much larger than I remember his father’s being. I could feel my pussy getting damp.

"Oh god Mom…" he moaned. I was shocked. I covered my mouth with my trembling hand as I heard more. "Come on Mom, suck my cock…" he muttered under his breath. My heart started pounding in my chest. I was getting light headed. My son was jerking off thinking of me.

My pussy instantly flooded my panties. I was soaked. My fingers found their way underneath my lacey red panties, rubbing slow circles over my tender pussy. I watched as he slumped down the couch, his cock pointing straight up. As I watched him masturbate himself I made a bold, impulsive, probably dangerous decision. I stared at him for another moment, my mind not thinking clearly. I took a deep breath, stepped into the living room, and flicked the light switch on.

"Holy fuck, Mom!" He screamed, scrambling to shield his nudity. The laptop still running, the sounds of pornographic love making in the background as my boy hysterically tried to explain himself. "Mom, I thought you were in bed. It isn’t what you think. I was…" he stopped, finally taking a moment to look at me, and realizing that I was allowing my thin robe to hang open. My lingerie clad body on display for him.

He started at me, undressing me with his eyes, The panic that had taken him over was draining away. He sat quietly, breathing heavily, staring at my body. I didn’t realize I could have such a dramatic effect on any man anymore, let alone my son. I smiled confidently to myself. I walked over to the couch, and sat down next to him. “Don’t worry, baby.” He was now blatantly staring at my body, mouth hanging open. The pillow he grabbed to cover himself fell to the floor, and his cock stood proudly. “So tell me. What were you doing out here?”

His eyes quickly came up to mine. Whatever spell I had him under was broken, and he tried to explain himself. “I… I thought you were in bed. And it’s comfortable out here, so… sometimes I come here to… you know.”

"Masturbate?" He blushed, and nodded. "That’s really something you should be doing in your own room." He nodded again, looking down at the floor, sneaking peeks at my naked legs.

I closed my eyes, and took a slow, deep breath. “Well, you’re already out here. You might as well finish.” His eyes snapped up, looking at me confused. “I heard you, baby. Saying my name.” I touched his thigh, only inches away from his throbbing young cock. It sent sparks through my body, being so close to it. His eyes went into silent panic. I put my hand on the side of his cheek. “Don’t worry, baby. I didn’t mind. In fact… I kind of liked it”

His eyes went wide. “You what?” he gasped.

"I liked it. I want to see you do it for me." He sat speechless. My stomach was turning in knots, unsure about what I was doing but too excited to stop it. "Stand up, baby. Let Mommy see you." Saying the words sent chills down my spine.

He slowly stood, his cock crossing my eyesight as he got to his feet. He stood right in front of me, his cock pointing right at me just inches from my face. It took more self control than I thought I had to keep from putting my mouth around it. “So… what now?” He said, nervous and confused, but clearly aroused.

"Do what you were doing before." My voice cracked, my anxiety starting to show.

He looked at me for a second, then spoke “So… you just want me to jerk off in front of your face? Are you sure?” I smiled, and nodded my head. My legs were closed together, and my thighs were shaking. My fingers were tapping against my legs, and I was biting my lower lip. I was an open book and my son could see how much I wanted this. He took the moment of my obvious weakness to be bold. “Mom… I want you to take your panties off, and show me your tits…” He winced, almost like he was waiting for me to slap him for saying such a thing.

A look of shock grew on his face when I lifted myself off the couch, pulling my panties down to my feet. I grabbed my breasts from under my bra, pulling them out for my son to see. Every thought in my head was screaming not to do any this, but my body needed it and wouldn’t be denied. I sat in front of my son with my legs spread. My naked pussy was dripping, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I figured the time for subtlety had past. I stared my boy in the eyes. “Stroke that beautiful cock for Mommy, baby.” His shaft jump in front of my face. He slowly and nervously wrapped his fist around it, and started stroking it in front of my face. “That’s a good boy. Grip that cock firm, and stroke it for me.”

"Fuck, Mom. I can’t believe this." He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. I reached my hand down between my legs, rubbing my pussy as I watched my son masturbate for me.

"Neither can I, baby. But I want it. I want my big boy to jerk his pretty cock for me. Stroke it faster, baby. I want to see you cum." My fingers were soaked as they worked over my pussy faster. He did as I told him, his strokes got faster. I watched as his balls got tighter, and his breathing got quick and shallow.

"Mom…" I knew exactly what was coming.

"On my chest, baby. Cum on your Mom’s chest." He looked into my eyes, he saw my hunger. Saw my need. He groaned loudly, and pointed his cock at my naked chest. My thighs were quivering, my anticipation for his hot load to splash against my breasts becoming almost too much to bare.

Then finally, the first spurt shot out of him, landing between my breasts, dripping down between them. I was instantly thrown into an explosive orgasm. My body quaked as the second spurt landed under my neck. I could feel how hot and thick it was. I wanted more, and he gave me more. I’d seen a man cum so much in my life. It was heavenly, feeling my son showering me with his creamy love. I came harder than I ever have in my life as my son covered me with his cum.

After what felt like hours, his cock stopped twitching, and my body calmed from it’s climax. We were both breathing heavily, completely drained and exhausted. He looked down, trying not to make eye contact with me. Shame washed over his face. I looked at him. “Hey you. Look at me.” I smiled at him as he slowly brought his eyes to mine. “I love you, you know that right?”

He smiled back, his eyes less embarrassed. “I know Mom. I love you too.”

I stood up, and I felt his cum dripping down my body. “You should go to your room and get some sleep.” He nodded, and turned to walk off. “Don’t forget your laptop.” The computer was still playing the porn he was watching. He looked at me, blushing.

"Sorry…" He grabbed his computer, and walked towards the upstairs. I stopped him just before he was out of sight.

"Hey, wait a minute." He stopped, and stared back at me, still standing in the living room, mostly naked, robe open, cum dripping off my tits. "The next time you get the urge to masturbate in my living room, let me know. I think we can find a better alternative." I gave him a playful wink, and he smiled wide back at me before running up to his room.


How could I possibly hope to add to this? Just enjoy a great read and when you’re finished pop on over to and tell her hello.

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