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Holly, my wife’s sister, had slept over one last night - or so I thought - after babysitting our kids while we were on vacation.

This morning, though, I was getting ready for a shower before taking her to the airport - I thought - and she just nonchalantly walked into the bathroom, dropped her robe and headed to the shower.

I looked at her in shock then over to the doorway where my wife was standing with a smirk. “Mary? What’s going on?”

"You’re paying her for babysitting for us, that’s what’s going on," Mary said with a smirk.

"Huh?" Was my witty response.

She rolled her eyes. “Holly hasn’t had a guy in so long that she’s climbing the walls. On top of that she’s had a massive crush on you for so long - “

"Mary," Holly whined, embarrassed.

"You hush, Holly. I know my husband. Let me tell it my own way." She turned back to me and continued as if the interruption hadn’t happened. " - that she pretty much figures she won’t get over it. She pretty much wants your baby, you stud. So I made her a deal. If she could deal with our kids for a week without whining, etc., when I called every night to check up, I’d let her have you and a chance to get pregnant."

"You want me to what?"

She glared at me and spoke slowly, enunciating each word. “Fuck. Her. Now.” Then she continued somewhat more normally. “I want you to get in that shower and feel up my baby sister and fuck her brains out. Then I want you to dry her off, take her to bed, and fuck whatever brains she has left out of her. Then I want you to fuck her some more. She’s staying for the week and she better be pregnant before she leaves. Now get in there!”

Well, if she said so.

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My wife, Helen, and her sister, Ruth, had this really close relationship that had Helen thinking nothing of asking Ruth to step in when we found out Helen couldn’t have babies.

I didn’t know what was in their background that made them that close and I didn’t really care. All I knew was Ruth was in front of me, naked, with a come hither smile and a cute pooch on her belly that I was looking forward to seeing grow with my baby.

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Yes of course I am an open-minded Mom…yes I am open to love from my son…..and I do approve his not wearing a condom to fuck me….after all we share everything else…..I’m willing to go the mile if necessary…oh and did I say that I was ultra horny this afternoon too….honey…..when you see this I hope you get home quickly to Mom…I’m soaking wet.

Just another mom? I have to say this out loud now because I’ve been saying it to myself for so long. The name says ordinary. You are anything but ordinary. I’d give anything in the world to have had you as my mother. You are exceptional. The perfect mother. A goddess.


Anonymous asked:

I'm a single mother and my son is turning 19 soon. I've always caught him staring at me in the shower and while I'm changing. I know he steals my dirty underwear and cums in them! A few weeks ago we took it to another level. He walked in while I was masturbating, and without a word came over and started licking my clit. We also ending up fucking and he came inside me. I don't think I can ever go back now. My son is my lover, his cock is perfect for me.


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