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My sister showed up at a college party drunk and I knew she’d get taken advantage of so I had to teach her a lesson. She slurred that she wasn’t on birth control and it made me cum so hard inside of her. She didn’t remember anything the next day…maybe when she misses her period she’ll remember.

I wasn’t as drunk as you think I was. The only reason I showed up at your stupid party was so I could finally feel you inside me. And when I said I wasn’t on birth control? I knew you couldn’t resist filling my little hole with all that sweet cream.

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As much as I thought it was a bonus, it was also a curse. Having a mother who was quite young and still in her prime was a hard thing to live round at my age.

I was constantly horny in my late teens and early twenties, and she knew this; what didn’t help is that she constantly wore restrictive clothing, showing off every curve that she was blessed with, which led me to think she was doing it on purpose.

It wasn’t until the first time I gave into my urge to rip her leggings off her and pull her on top of my hard cock, how easy it was. Turns out she was doing it on purpose, and this is exactly what she wanted. 

She was shameless about the fact that I am her son and fucking her every second god sends, but she can’t resist, and I can’t get enough.

Both full of sexual desire and energy; and we love every second of it.

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