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See how I have to stretch my fingers to reach the end of your cock? You’ll be happy to know that your son is even longer. I can’t even touch my fingers together when I wrap my hand around his monster either.

You’re going to be in for a real treat when he gets home from school and fucks me in front of you. Would you like to see how hard he cums inside your wife? Would you?

He’s going to fill my little pussy so full of his juicy cum it’ll be running down my legs. Are you going to clean it up for me honey? You will won’t you?


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I couldn’t believe I’d slept in so late but after the night we had in the motel room it’s no wonder. I’m not as young as I used to be ya know. 

Walking out onto the balcony I could see that my son had his mother all rolled up on the beach and really putting it to her just the way she loves it. I swear I don’t know where that boy gets the energy but I’m happy to see he’s putting it to good use. 

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