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She hovered over me, grinning down at me. “Are you sure?” She almost laughed as she said it, she knew she was driving me completely insane. Her hand held my cock gently, teasing it against her wet pussy lips.

"Yes, please Jess." She’d been teasing me for months. It started with harmless flirting. Then one day she kissed me. Eventually she touched my cock. We kept doing more and more, until today. Today she finally agreed to fuck me.

But not before she tormented me mercilessly.

"Are you sure? I mean, there’s no going back after this, right?" She smiled down at me, sighing pleasurably as she ran my cock over her clit. "I’m your baby sister, if you fuck me than things will be different forever."

I tried to keep my cool, but I was slowly cracking. “I really want this”

"You’re sure? I mean, if you fuck me now, I’m probably going to want it again."

"I’ll want it too."

"And I may demand it even when it’s inconvenient for you. Like, if you’re over at your girlfriends house, I might make you come home and fuck me. Can you do that?"


"Will you make sure I always cum first?"


"And will you lick me out so I can cum again, even if you’d just finished inside of me?"

My desperation finally reached a boiling point. “Yes! Fuck, Jess. Please, I’ll do anything. I swear I’ll do whatever you want. Please just stop teasing and fuck me.” She had broken me and she knew it, and gave me the biggest smile I’d ever gotten from her. Without another moment of hesitation, she lowered her hips down and her hot pussy swallowed my cock. I groaned and leaned my head back as I felt her inner walls clench tightly around me. Every inch she lowered felt like an eternity, until finally her ass rested on my thighs and my whole cock waited impatiently inside of her.

She just sat there for a moment, looking down at me and smiling as I throbbed inside of her. I could feel her flexing herself around me. If she kept that up for long enough I could cum just from her muscles milking me. She was moaned quietly as she adapted to me inside of her. “Mmm… I like how you feel.” I just grunted. “I think I might want this all to myself.” I opened my eyes and looked at her, and she has a serious look in her eyes. “You’re going to dump your girlfriend.”

In that moment I couldn’t find any reason to argue with her. I just looked her in the eyes and said “I’ll talk to her tomorrow at school.”

Her smile returned, and she leaned down to kiss me deeply. “I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with you, big brother.” As my spine shivered at the thought of what I’d gotten myself into, her hips started to slide up and down on my cock. And at that moment I realized I didn’t care.


I woke up this morning after a night of hard partying, and when I sat up in bed I noticed that my dick and my lap was wet and sticky, as if a girl had squirted on me.

I turned around but there was no girl in bed. I called a buddy who was at the party to see if he knew something, but he could tell me that I was so drunk last night that they sent me home in a taxi at 3 in the night, but there was no girl with me then. What the hell happened?

- John, are you awake? it’s breakfast! I heard mom calling from the kitchen.

-Uh, yeah mom, I’ll just take a quick shower! I ran into the bathroom, I could not let mom see me like this, I promised that I would not drink.

After I had showered I thought I was going to call my girlfriend to see if I stopped by her house last night, but I touched the wrong button, and the last picture I took came up. WTF? I did not recognize the tits, but ….. the necklace is my mom’s, and now I recognize her hair, OMG IT’S MOM.

I had to sit down, why I have a picture of my mom naked on my cell phone?

Now I remembered that I came home and I did my best to look sober, because mom sat in the living room and watched a movie with a glass of wine. And I remember she asked if I wanted to keep her company for a while, dad had received a call from work and had to go away for the weekend, I remember she told me.

I sat down and took a glass of wine with her, but I don’t remember anything after that.

I got dressed and went down to the kitchen, and there stood my mom naked, making pancakes, I coughed to let her know I was there, but she did not cover up, she just turned to me and said, Good morning, it was about time your sleepyhead!

I found myself staring at her tits and her shaved pussy, and I noticed that something began to happen in my pants.

- Sit down and eat, you need the energy! she said and smiled at me.

- Why? I asked.

- You need energy because I have the day off, and your father does not come home until tomorrow! She came behind my chair and gave me a hug and I felt her tits were pressed against my back, she kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, - Such an orgasm that I had last night, I have not had in years. But you were too drunk to get an orgasm, but I will do something about that today! She said and put her hand in my pants and took a grip around my dick that was already stiff of seeing her naked. - Mmmm, you’re already ready! she said and took her coffee cup and walked out of the kitchen - I’ll be in bed, eat fast! she said and walked up the stairs.

Fuck, I don’t remember anything from last night, but I will not forget this, I said to myself and ran up the stairs after eaten only two chew off my pancake.

celkon asked:

Do you fuck your mom,can I fuck her too or a 3some

Mom is in her 70’s now. She’s a great grandma. Lives 3 states away so no I do not sleep with her. This is a fantasy throwback from when I was a teen living at home full of hormones.

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