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Mommy likes the feel of your erection pressing against my soft pussy. I know you want to make yourself cum between Mommy’s legs. Hug Mommy sweet boy, hold Mommy tight in your arms while I brace myself against the counter. Watch in the mirror as you pump your hard cock back and forth between Mommy legs. Hump Mommy in a lewd fucking motion, dry hump Mommy hard, just like if you were fucking me. Make yourself cum between Mommy’s legs. Then kneel and thank Mommy by cleaning me. Lick all your sperm from Mommy’s pussy. Lick Mommy’s pussy and make Mommy cum too darling. We both need this so much.

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Anonymous asked:

Hi there, thanks for posting the M.S. Photography strip, I think it's wonderfully done and so erotic. Tho' the moms are worried about the dads finding out, I'm not so sure about that :) I reckon some dads would find it a real turn on, as they probably lusted after their own moms! The 'to be continued...' line opens up so many hot possibilities, maybe you could throw it open for suggestions? I'm sure many of your followers have some great ideas, I know I have;) Thanks again.

Thanks for the comment but if you look closer at it you’ll see it was a reblog from another great page.

From what I seen he’s also waiting for an update to it. 


"M.S. Photography" by Johnny Fever.

As you can see in the final panel, it says “to be continued”. Unfortunately, this is the only one I know of that ever got posted. So there’s nothing more to come, at least not until more Johnny Fever stuff hopefully surfaces one day. And hopefully soon because I’m running out.

But I liked the premise, so I thought I’d post it anyway.

An idea who’s time has come. 


Anonymous asked:

Me and my sister lost out virginity to each other

Outstanding. I would have liked to do the same but we were both just too young when we had our little game of you show me yours and I’ll show you mine. 

more to add to my ongoing saga

i have spent last two days shopping with mom just spending time with her, nothing exciting but trying to build that relationship up as strong as possible. Tonight I went ahead and said “hey mom since its always me and dad going on vacations and places, I think me and you should go somewhere sometime”. Her reply was “eh you know i dont like to travel”. To which I said ” no silly not far away maybe we could spend the weekend in San Francisco and go walk the wharf,go to alcatraz and anything else you would like to do”. She said I would love to ride the cable car around town and yeah that sounds like fun, so i have it in her head we should go away for a weekend by ourselves and stay there that she has agreed to. Now just to figure out when to go and to find a hotel with only one room beds available when we go.

You be sure and let us know how it goes. 



(It makes for the thickest, most potent young loads being unleashed into the most ripe, fertile mature wombs!)

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