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Anonymous asked:

how can i seduce

For starters, Learn to complete a sentence? 

No seriously I have no idea what you’re talking about. Gonna need a bit more info please.


"Oh, shit yeah!" Lynn enthused. "Fuck me, fuck me, my baby boy! Your fucking dick feels sooo good in mommy’s pussy… I want you to fuck me like this every day! Twice a day! As much as you can handle, honey, cause mommy’s got a lot of fucking to make up for. Four years of shitty sex with your dad, fourteen years of shitty sex with losers in bars… that makes at least eighteen years of hot sex that you owe me, baby. That’s right! Just like that! Fuck mommy just like that, make mommy cum, honey. Make me cum, and fill my cunt with your fucking seed! Ohhhh, yeah! Give me all your cum! Fill me up with all that delicious spunk… shoot it deep into mommy’s pussy and give me a baby, baby. Mmmmm, yeah. Give mommy another little boy. This time we can raise him right! Teach him how good mommy’s pussy feels right from the fucking start! Fuck me! Fuck ME! FUCK MEEEEE!!!!" Lynn’s shriek of ecstasy as she spilled over the edge into orgasm was soon joined by Justin’s own cry as he shot wad after wad of thick man-goo into her unprotected pussy, filling her to the brim, pushing huge gouts of spew out of her cunt as he continued to fuck doubletime, sending his mom into the rapture of a second orgasm close on the tail of the first.

(extract from “Mother Knows best” by JValet)

….this is freakin’ awesome. this is the shit most of us can only dream of. well done sir.

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I need to find that book.

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