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Marcia could never get enough of her how her brothers fucked her at the same time, pounding and filling her ass and pussy together, giving her multiple orgasms until she nearly passed out. Her brothers had never met a woman who could take a good hard double penetration fucking with their big cocks like Marcia could and were thankful and appreciative of her desire and lust for what they did.

nahright09 asked:

Love your blog. I've got 2 stories that i've posted on my site from a friend of mine who has had an ongoing relationship with his mom. I've asked him to keep me updated with more and i will be posting them as he shares...hope you and your followers enjoy.

They must be a ways down but I’ll sure be reblogging them as soon as I find the stories. I’m really enjoying the hunt though. Damn hot stuff on your page Bro. 

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