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Anonymous asked:

hi there, I like your blog, mom-son is my fav fantasy, especially sharing with dad:) as you also seem to enjoy. My extra special turn on is family fitness, hunky son, muscular dad, toned get the idea. Does this appeal you?

Oh hell yea. Of course. And I’m not against a little friendly fire on occasion as well. You know what I mean. Crossing swords while taking care of mom. ;)


You can imagine the pleasure I felt the first time my son entered my pussy. It felt like I was going to collapse, just like a first-place runner after a 10-k. I’d worked so hard at teaching my boy to always love his mother; to always give her kisses on the lips before bed; to not be afraid to talk about his deepest, most personal feelings. All of this emotion welled up inside me the moment his soft head slid into my pussy—and you’re right if you think I let him cum in me that first time. The moment we began, I knew I needed to take it as far as it could go.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.


I love the outdoors and especially love being this open with you son when your dad isn’t around…..I know you both fuck me together at home a lot.

But now is special I can let my titties hang free and know you will get hard and not be bashful in taking your cock out for Mom to suck and use to slap my tits with it.  Your Dad is more reserved out when we are like this.

You are taking after Mom and being more carefree and open, I love that and you just keep on feeding me that hot cum, especially unprotected in my cunt….I’ve told your Dad we aren’t using condoms any more and he is good with that….so keep trying to breed Mom.

justanothermom2014 ?  Just another mom? Oh I beg to differ. This lady is a legend. 

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